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Tub before reglazing

The tub finish is worn, stained and no amount of cleaning of the helps.

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Reglazing process

The tub is first cleaned with industrial cleaning materials to remove all soap scum and other material that will prevent the coating from adhering to the tub, the technician will tape up the walls and fixtures so they are not damaged and will have an exhaust fan if no window is available so the fumes from the following steps are minimized, it is then etched with strong acid and a bonding agent is added to make sure the glaze adheres to the tub. It should be noted that we have reglazed many tubs and sinks that the etching or addition of a bonding agent was neglected to save on costs and the tub peels almost immediately. The final steps are to spray the tub with a very thin coat of material so it doesn't run and the technician waits a few minutes for the material to set before adding more material, this is the step that requires a lot of skill and experience to prevent runs and an abnormally rough finish. After a certain amount of time the technician will remove the masking and masking tape on most of the areas. It is common for some masking to be left on so the finish doesn't get damaged and that can be removed after the glaze has set in 40 to 48 hours. The finish of the tub will not be perfect but the results are usually nothing less than spectacular. Many of our customers rave about the results they get, especially with a badly stained tub.

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After reglazing

The tub looks like it is new! We are happy to be able to provide a product like this to our customers. We look forward to providing this service to you.

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